About Us



Neville Gossayn, South African born who has always had a love for game, wildlife and conservation – especially for Namibia. He was 9 years old when he had his first hunt in Namibia, and from there the seed was planted, he even remembers shedding a tear when leaving the country to return home.

He became a professional hunter at the young age of 21. By now he has hunted most of the big five and is well versed in their habits.


On arrival and as soon as you have settled in you will be taken to the shooting range to sight-in your rifle, to make sure it was not damaged during transportation. Alternatively if you are renting one of our rifles, this is the time to familiarize yourself with the rifle. If time allow your hunt will commence immediately.

An early breakfast is at the order of the day, after which the hunters will depart for a full day of hunting. Lunch-packs is the norm as hunters will stay out most of the day to make sure you get the maximum time available in order to secure your desired quarry.

All hunting is done on foot. Shooting distances range from as little as 20 yards in the dangerous game concessions to as much as 250 yards in the concession areas. Farm hunts are on average 80-150 yards. Shooting sticks are used most of the time and therefore it is important for hunters to familiarize themselves with the correct use of shooting sticks beforehand, but also to shoot from any sitting, free hand and prone positions. It is also important that hunters learn to shoot reasonably fast and to do a quick second shot, should it be necessary.

Once your animal is down your professional hunter will make sure for the best possible position (pose) of the animal to take photographs to last a lifetime. We are quite conscious of our hunting ethics, therefore no standing or sitting on animals.

Non-hunters will really enjoy accompanying the hunting team as our Professional Hunters share a wealth of information on the fauna and flora, and the game-viewing and photographic opportunities are wonderful.

Hunters return to camp at sunset. By law in Namibia you may start hunting half an hour before sunrise, and must stop half an hour after sunset on all species, except proclaimed problem causing animals.